Specialists in non destructive testing & certification

Belmont NDT specialises in non-destructive testing and failure analysis to evaluate the health of a component or system without damaging its integrity.  In addition to thermal imaging condition monitoring services Belmont can provide vibration analysis on most production based rotating equipment – see ‘Condition Monitoring’ coupled with  ultrasonic testing  incorporating if required phased array, radiography, magnetic particle and dye penetration.

The company operates within the framework of BS  EN ISO 9001:2015.  Our excellent NDT level 111 services (in  seven methods )  are  able to meet most customers’ requirements with regard to review of technical documentation certification and reporting.  We also offer  a seamless range of services that extends from consultation, training and  inspection programs with ongoing support.

Manufacturing and production, across a wide range of industries, are established markets for Belmont NDT.  As well as accreditation to international quality standards, the company prides itself on its wide-ranging sector- and company specific approvals.  For example, Belmont NDT works to and tests in accordance with British, European ASME ASTM, API Australian and many specific industry standards.

The scope of its work includes writing and reviewing maintenance procedures, analysis of standard requirements, auditing and training.  In short, a complete NDT and preventative maintenance service.