Drone Quiz

By November anyone flying a drone for any reason whatsoever will have to sit and pass an on-line quiz set by the CAA. The test will be on safety and at this point in time there is no published syllabus. However the test below covers the main basic safety questions you must know about. These are likely to be very similar to those you will be asked in the test. The test here is free to take as long as you enter your name and email address. Please download a free PDF of our newsletter to assist you in the quiz.

Q1: What is the maximum height you should fly your drone ?
Q2: Prohibition of flight includes :
Q3: In the drone safe image below what is the message ?

Q4: Weather What weather conditions are likely to prohibit flying your UAS?

Q5 : Aircraft and airports.

Which of the following UK law is now imposed for any person flying any type of UAS ?
Q6 : How far in an area not affected by regulations may you legally fly your drone ?
Q7 : If you plan to fly your drone for recreational purposes only and you are within 5 miles of an airport , what should you do first.
Q8: Which of the following are no fly zones without exception ?
Q9: Where could you gain permission to fly a drone for commercial gain ?
Q10: Which of the following documents govern the safe use of drones in the UK?