New Pull/Anchor test service

Pull/Anchor test service

We are now able to offer a new Pull/Anchor test service.

Pull Out Test Services Include:

Screw pull out testing
Carried out in accordance with BRE Digest 421 Measuring the compressive strength of masonry materials:

Technology for testing
Results are visual and recorded with time, date and GPS location of each test.

Heavy Duty Pull Out Testing
This service is designed to meet the demand for proof load testing of larger construction fixings.

Medium Duty Pull Out Test
Testing enables our engineers to confirm the holding power of anchors in most construction materials.

Anchor Bolt Tests
This service is used to check the suitability and allowable loads of an anchor type and check they have been installed correctly.

Eye And Bolt Testing
For safety harness eyebolts to meet the requirements of PPE. Can also be used to test ladder restraint hooks and most ringbolts in concrete or masonry can be tested.

Testing to specific client’s requirements.

We can conduct pull out testing either on a large scale or a smaller intensive scale.

We will provide comprehensive, detailed reports to show that all pull out tests, anchor bolt tests and bolt testing that we carry out demonstrate that they meet the conformance of fixings to on site load levels.

Anchor Testing

Anchor Testing is essential in ensuring safety and maintaining high operating standards on sites utilising  installations. We use the latest technology to assess the integrity and tensile strength of anchor points. The benefits of this service include:

  • Assurance that the anchors are installed correctly and to the latest CFA* standard, ensuring suitability for supporting an installation.
  • Reduction in the risk of accidents on-site.
  • Reduction the risk of structural collapse due to substandard anchor points.
  • The detailed reporting we provide helps illustrate responsible planning and organisation.
  • Peace of mind that anchors are securely installed and fit for purpose.

*CFA – Construction Fixings Association